The International Organ Academy 2012

The International Organ Academy 2012 will take place on 25-30 June as a university summer course in organ interpretation (7.5 credits).

Teachers are Dan Lönnqvist, Jon Skogstad, Ulrik Spang-Hanssen and Gary Verkade.

See the current Organ Academy page for more information. (Also available as a PDF.)

The International Organ Academy in Leufsta Bruk, September 6-12, 2009

Masterclasses/lectures with Hans-Ola Ericsson and Joel Speerstra daily 10-12 and 13-17. Concerts and get-togethers in the evenings. Passive participants welcome.


Arranged by the Department of Music and Media at Luleå university of technology (Musikhögskolan i Piteå), Hållnäs-Österlövsta parish and Lövstabruks cultural society. Info: (+46) 0294-311 29

The XII International Organ Academy in Leufsta Bruk

June 25th - July 1st, 2007

Konsert på Cahmanorgeln

I wish my heart were an organ pipe, and I the translator of God's silence. (Emil M. Cioran)

Lövstabruk Cultural Society
North Uppland International Academy Society
Österlövsta and Östhammar Parish & Organ Week
School of Music and Musicology, Göteborg University
Piteå Academy of Music, Luleå University
The Latvian Musical Academy in Riga
Leufsta Foundation, The Diocese of Uppsala, AB Tierpsbyggen, The Municipality of Tierp, ABF, a. o.

For the latest schedule, please see the information folder (PDF) || (MSWord)! See also the concert programme (PDF) || (MSWord).


Talanger från Riga

The Academy invites to master classes, lectures, a series of recitals. You do not only need to join the academy as a 100% active participant but also as an active listener and observer.

The atmosphere and setting

Since 1995 Leufsta Bruk International Organ Academy has been an annual event taking place in the beginning of July in the unique 18th century setting of Leufsta Bruk and its surroundings. You will meet new friends and an experienced teaching team, play the organs of great historic interest, listen to a long series of recitals and enjoy the beautiful nature and the light of the summer nights. Leufsta once was the centre of the Swedish iron forging industry. The 18th century atmosphere is well preserved.

Leufsta Bruk is located 160 km north east of Stockholm.
International airport: Arlanda.

North Uppland - an organ landscape

In Leufsta Bruk church the Johan Niclas Cahman organ from 1726/28 is placed. This famous baroque instrument is the "hub" of the academy, for concerts/recitals, for teaching and for practicing. The participants will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with several historic organs in churches of great cultural interest, i. e. instruments, built by Olof Schwan (Börstil 1783), Pehr Strand (Forsmark 1800), Andersson (Valö 1831), Åkerman & Lund (Uppsala Cathedral 1871 and Alunda 1880), E A Setterquist & Son (Harg 1904), Robert Gustavsson (Alunda 1978, Forsmark 1981) and by Karl Nelson (Östhammar 2000), a new first class instrument. You will also meet and work together with the brilliant ensemble (singers and instrumentalists) Gothenborg Baroque.

The theme of the 2007 Academy is

Buxtehude's music (cantatas and organ pieces)

but there will also be elements of contemporary organ music.


For the day by day schedule, please download the program (MSWord, in English).


Hans-Ola Ericsson, professor at the Music Conservatory in Piteå.
Talivaldis Deknis, prof. Latvian Academy of Music.
Markku Hietaharju, touring organist, teacher at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.
Gothenburg Baroque, singers and instrumentalists, artistic leader Magnus Kjellsson, focuses on Italian, German, Swedish baroque music.
Karin Nelson, associate professor at the School of Music and Musicology, Göteborg University.
Karin is the head of the interpretation course.
Karin Nelson
Karl Nelson, managing director of Karl Nelson Organ Building Company; master of the Östhammar's Chancel Organ that will be used during the academy. Karl Nelson
Ligita Sneibe, associate professor at the Latvian Conservatory of Music, has won several international organ competitions, is a worldwide touring concert organist and a composer.  
Joel Speerstra, senior researcher at GOArt, Göteborg University, lecturer and recitalist on both the organ and the clavichord. Joel Speerstra
Gary Verkade, teacher, performer, composer at the faculty of the Music Conservatory in Piteå. Gary Verkade
David Aurelius, church musician, conductor, head of Östhammar Organ week, and Birgitta Östlund are the producers of the Academy.


Active participant tuition, food and lodging: 4,900 SEK
Partner: 2,900 SEK. Child: 1,900 SEK
Church musicians who want to participate for professional reasons may probably apply for a grant from their employer.

Further information and application

Karin Nelson: phone +46(0)31-773 40 38 or +46(0)70-633 70 65

Birgitta Östlund, producer: phone: +46(0)294-311 29 or +46(0)73-046 69 85
Address: Lövstabruk, SE-810 65 Skärplinge.

Reference: Read about the Cahman Organ and Leufsta Bruk in Organ as the mirror of its time, Oxford University Press 2002.